The village of Caye Caulker is kind of quiet and friendly.
A number of good restaurants are open in town.  You can have a
pretty good time just sitting around the Sandbox, drinking a coffee at
Cafe Amor or eating ceviche at Rainbow out over the water.
Habaneros has wonderful dinners,
Roses whips up excellent grilled
fish, Syd's is down with great local food. You are welcome to sit all
day, just looking at people on bikes and golf carts or strolling down
the pleasant white sand streets.  
         Nearly every part of the island is within walking distance.
Food is everywhere on the island. Kids sell hot bread and coconut
sweet bread after school. Part of the fun of Caye Caulker is figuring
out which house that kid who sells the banana cake lives in, so that
you can catch him first when it is still hot.
         Many local boatmen would be happy to take you to the reef or to
the nearby  Marine Reserve of Hol Chan. There is an area of friendly
rays at Ray Alley you can stop to mingle with on the way. Carlos or
Creek are among the best guys to do this with. They appear to know
some of them personally. A few friendly nurse sharks mingle with
them too.
       You can rent kayaks and cruise the mangroves or paddle
completely around the island.  
       First class scuba diving available year around.
Other popular sports are Kite surfing with the Kite School open every
      You can send and receive Email from a number of cyber cafes.
Just come down, take off your shoes and just relax
under the
Caribbean sun.

                              No shoes, no shirt, no problem.
                                                 Go Slow
Welcome to Caye Caulker
Eden Isle
Caye Caulker
Belize, Central America
USA T. (808) 463 8901