Caye Caulker - Belize
           Wetsuits aren't usually needed unless you spend several
hours offshore. The air temp is often in the 70's to 80's year around.
The water in between provides great bump and jump conditions with
runs of  5 miles on each tack.  
          Sometimes winter months offer 20 days of 6.0 or better. The
wind has been recorded as blowing 4.5 to 6.8 at least 50% of the time
Oct. to April.               
           May and early June are often calm months. July and Aug lead
into the hurricane season, Sept to Nov. could be very calm but during
hurricanes it is sometimes too windy to sail...
           On a submerged section of the reef  to the north, waves over
head high are common in the winter. They call this area the Swash.
Typical winds are side-on or onshore. Runs here are about a mile
long. This is often the safest way to go  outside the reef into the deep
blue for big waves and swells.
          There is a protected area just behind the reef with good winds
and flat water speeding. This uncrowded spot gives you flat straight
stretches of water a couple of miles long. Most of this area is chest
deep water.
          There are several other islands which are within sight of Caye
Caulker, Caye Chapel, San Pedro, Hicks Caye.  It is possible to sail to
them.  Locals never do this alone - at least three sailors is best – with
at least one sailor who knows the coral reef well. It is common to get
separated during  these crossings and boat rescue is unreliable
when you are sailing out on the frontier.
          If you like to rent windsurfing gears, go check on Henry.

Eden Isle
Caye Caulker - Belize
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